About Us

With their combined experience exceeding 40 years in and around the music industry, Dave O Hara (Alpha Wolf Managment)/Call of The Wild Festival)  Raz White (Rockmantic Festival/Raz White Entertainment/Call of The Wild Festival) and Lee Byrne (Knock Out Kaine/Badlands Festival/Call of The Wild Festival) are united with one great cause in mind. Getting the best deal for the band - no matter what the deal is or who the band are - it's about levelling the playing field, seeing that bands get paid for their art and looked after correctly. 

Alpha Wolf Agency are that crucial stepping stone or climbing block where a band will feel important, nurtured and ready to lead a pack of their own. 

We specialise in full 360 artist development and management. Seeing the essence of something great and developing the band at an appropriate rate so that they also learn the many skills within the industry along the way. 

 The "need" for us to set ALPHA WOLF up came from the 3 of us having watched bands get pulled apart by greed, lies, ineptitude (We have all seen the sharks out there) but the worst of it is poor management, guys that bleed a band dry and move on to the next, no thought given to helping and nurturing a talent, to bringing out the absolute best a band has to offer. No thought given to explaining the reasonable expectations on where their band can/could or cannot go.

ALPHA WOLF is here to change that, to do it right, to put the band 1st, to help the band  develop THEIR brand and so much more

Cass King, Tomorrow Is Lost

Cass King, Tomorrow Is Lost